425 NE 154th Street Miami, FL 33162

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At our school we strive to fill your child’s day with structured and great learning methods, with fun activities, and with playtime so they can enjoy mental and physical work that promotes their well being, healthy growth, and curiosity.  Our building, classrooms and park-like fenced in backyard provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment so each child can socialize and interact with other children, and with their mentors.  Within our wide variety of programs we offer the following:

Daycare for babies:

Our center is fully equipped to provide personalized care for your baby!  From feeding, to changing diapers, to nap time in our beautiful cribs, to stacking blocks and playing, to singing and imitating sounds, all to engage your baby’s five senses, our experienced and caring staff members are committed to helping your baby grow in a happy, loving and safe environment.


Toddler daycare and early education- 1-2 years

Our center offers a multitude of activities specifically designed for toddlers that at this stage need to practice and learn motor control, sense of order, discovery and exploration, independence and confidence, as well as physical balance.  Our classrooms offer ample space for them to be physically active, and to practice tasks that will help them gain knowledge of spatial concepts, to play sensory games that will enable them to differentiate between objects, shapes and textures among others.  In addition, at this stage they will learn to count, discover writing and music, and learn to follow instructions on potty usage.


Preschool - 3-4 years

Each day at our center is full of fun learning experiences!  For our preschoolers we have a creative curriculum that introduces language, math, science, english, social skills, arts and music to promote cognitive development, social development, critical thinking, communication and social skills among others.  Engaging in longer conversations and storytelling helps them to expand their vocabulary and to better express their needs, emotions with other children and with adults.  From artwork, to books, to toys, to playtime, we incorporate simple and complex tools and activities throughout the day to bring the best out of each child.


Kindergarten - 5-6 years

At this level we offer an academically rich program with teaching methods that allow children to convey their ideas, their thoughts and feelings through verbal and written communication and we teach them basic computer skills. In addition, children are able to demonstrate their reading skills, physical skills, cognitive development and their creativity through subjects such as art, music, dance, science, social studies, math, and through their social interaction with others.  Our center offers a comprehensive curriculum that will prepare your children for a successful future at every stage of their lives.

Basic computers


First Grade – up to 7 years

Our program for first grade students is filled with fun and interactive learning in a variety of subjects such as math, english, science, geography, arts and craft, critical thinking games, basic computers, short stories, coloring and much more.  We strive to engage each child in simple addition and subtraction games, in reading activities that will enrich their vocabulary, and to promote and motivate their curiosity of learning even outside the classroom. Our craft and art projects are designed to sharpen their motor skills and we give them fun tasks where they can be creative and express their ideas freely.


We also offer additional programs and activities such as:

  • Summer programs
  • After school tutoring
  • Field trips


At our center we strive to deliver the best care and education, in an effort to assist children to develop good habits, respect, confidence, and the necessary knowledge to make smart decisions, and to create habits that will help them achieve their goals and aspirations.  To register your child please download our application and make sure you have it properly filled out before coming to our center. Also, please bring your child’s birth certificate and proof of Florida residency, such as a utility bill.

425 NE 154th Street Miami, FL 33162

Tel: 305-945-6022

Two Sisters’ Angels is a family owned and operated preschool conveniently located in Miami, FL. Our primary mission is to provide dependable child care and quality education that inspires children, honors every child’s enthusiasm for creativity and discovery, and continuously feeds their thirst for learning. Our teachers follow a well-structured and organized curriculum that aims to promote intellectual, ethical, social and spiritual growth, all within a nurturing, safe, fun and diverse environment.


At our center we offer scholarship for kindergarten all the way to third grade students and we promote a setting where our children can socialize, develop communication and cognitive skills, expand their creativity, learn problem-solving skills and critical thinking, and where they can feel loved, supported, encouraged and inspired to discover more about the world and their surroundings.